Walker Tape Ultra Hold Adhesive With Brush

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Adhesive With Brush


The Walker Tape Ultra Hold Adhesive is a high-quality hair system adhesive designed to provide an exceptional and long-lasting hold. With a convenient brush applicator, this adhesive offers precise and easy application for a seamless bonding experience. Featuring advanced bonding technology, the Walker’s Ultra Hold Adhesive ensures a strong and reliable attachment between your hair system and scalp. It is specially formulated to withstand a wide range of conditions, including humidity, perspiration, and extended wear.

This adhesive is known for its exceptional hold time, allowing you to confidently wear your hair system for extended periods without worrying about lifting or shifting. It creates a secure bond that keeps your hair system in place, providing a natural look and feel.

Qty per pack: 1 unit(s)

Size: 1.4 fl. oz (41.4 ml)