Whether you are new to bespoke hair systems or a seasoned hair system wearer, we know how overwhelming it can be choosing the right company and hair system. So, let’s keep this simple. We have collected the top 10 most asked questions by our customers. And if we didn't answer your question, then check out our other questions below.


1. What is a hair system?

A hair system is a non-surgical, hair product also formally referred to as a wig or a toupee.

2. How long will a hair system last?

We recommend 2 hair systems a year, so you can alternate between them.

3. How much is a hair system?

All our hair systems are bespoke, so we would need to have a chat to access your hair loss and work within your budget. As an overview our prices range from £630 for a bespoke hair system and £299 for a stock hair system via our sister company, BHSO, Buy Hair Systems Online,

4. What is the difference between a wig and a hair replacement system?

With the industry and products evolving over the last few decades, the term wig, hair piece and toupees has become in many ways, redundant as hair systems become more modern and natural in appearance and are higher quality than ever before. What ultimately distinguishes a hair system from these alternatives is its versatility, customization options, and natural appearance.

5. Are hair systems better than hair transplant?

This is purely down to what the customer is looking for. At hair4alluk, we will never judge or push our customers into hair systems, we are here to help you, whatever your choice

6. Can you shower with a hair system?

You can shower, swim, exercise, wear hats, helmets and anything you can think of, as our hair systems are designed to be secure onto your scalp.

7. What about exercising with a hair system?

You can undertake any exercise you want in the confidence that our hair systems will remain natural looking in your everyday routines.

8. Is a hair system, non-surgical?

Yes, our hair systems are non-surgical and no surgical procedures are undertaken.

9. Are stock hair systems better than bespoke?

The advantage that bespoke hair systems have over stock is their ability to be further customised through their natural, modern appearance. The choice of hair system will remain with the customer and what your preference may be based on your circumstances.

10. Where are you located?

We are located in Bristol (UK), but we can offer our hair systems to anyone in the UK or around the world.


How long do I have to wait for my order?

We recommend a wait time of around 12 to 14 weeks for all bespoke hair systems. We also offer a super rush service, which will speed up your order for an additional cost.

Are your hair systems itchy?

Modern hair systems are made to be light and comfortable. The days of itchy systems are long gone. A properly fitted, well-ventilated cap will ensure that you hardly notice the feathers on your head.

What is the best way to clean the hair system?

The process involved is very easy, and we will explain the full process during your fitting. Alternatively, please feel free to check out our maintenance videos on our YouTube or our premium member’s channel.

Does the hair system fade?

All hair systems fade in time, but the better the quality of the hair system is, the less time it will fade.

Does the hair system smell at all?

No, you will not encounter any issues with smells if you are regularly maintaining your hair system with daily routines.

I suffer from sensitive skin, will your hair systems irritate my current condition?

Our hair systems are designed to fit and minimise problems such as sensitive skin allergies. Additionally, we will assess the extent of your skin allergy during the free consultation in order to create a hair system that won’t cause you any problems.

Is it difficult to maintain a hair replacement system? And can I style it?

Looking after a hair system is no more difficult than looking after your own hair. The rules are virtually the same, the only difference is you need to take a little extra care with your system and ensure you have been shown how to properly maintain it by a stylist.

What materials are used in order to create my hair system?

All of our custom handmade systems are produced using hair donors and foundation bases compatible to your scalp.

Will a hair system damage my scalp and increase hair loss?

Providing the hair system is kept clean and is well maintained then it will not damage your scalp or existing hair. In fact, the system will offer a level of protection against the sun and will protect sensitive scalps from the elements.

How easy is it for the hair system to fall off?

A properly attached hair system will stay on your head for weeks. It will withstand all your daily activities, including going to the gym, swimming and walking through a gale.

Do you sell any products that will maintain my hair system?

Yes, you can purchase all of our maintenance products by visiting our online store or by contacting our sales team.

If I wanted to have a curl in my hair system is that possible?

If you provide a hair sample that is 1½ inches long, it will be enough for our technicians to match the wave or curl exactly from the sample.

What’s the difference between ‘Human’ and ‘Synthetic Hair’?

Human hair is exactly what it suggests, it is ‘like your own’, easy to maintain and looks completely natural. Whereas synthetic hair is mass produced and made out of materials that are non-human hair.

Do you offer customizations to your hair systems, such as hair styles, highlights, colour and densities?

All of our bespoke hair systems can be designed and created based on your own preferences, such as hair styles, highlights, colours or densities.

What is the difference between a ‘European’ and ‘Asian’ hair replacement system for men and women?

There are no differences between Asian men, women and European systems other than the hair colour, texture and the base, which should be a darker colour to allow for the type of skin.

Which is better, tape or adhesive for attaching hair systems?

They both work extremely well, and it really depends on the client’s choice. Things to consider are, how oily is your scalp and of course your lifestyle. Our tapes and adhesive are medical grade and perform successfully.

Will the hair system take dye the same way as growing hair?

Our hair systems will not only take dye but the colour will take to the system, 1 to 3 times faster than natural growing hair.

Will I be able to straighten or dry blow my hair system?

Your hair system will probably have a temperature limit but providing you take care and keep within this limit you can style your hair with heated appliances in the same way you would with real hair.

Do you offer transplants, hair regrowth products or any medication?

No, we do not offer hair transplants, hair regrowth products or and medicines related to hair loss.

Do you offer regrooms?

Yes, our highly trained stylists can provide you with a regroom, if it is a hair4alluk, hair system or another companies product.

How much is a regroom?

We have a number of regroom options and prices start from £45.

How much is the deposit when placing an order for a hair system?

All bespoke hair system orders require a deposit of £250. If you wish to cancel your order, then our team will assist you with this, but all our deposits are non-refundable.

Is there any warranty on the hair system?

All our hair systems come with a 3-month warranty.